Funny thing is, I would watch every episode for the cold open, and then let the show keep playing until I lost interest… and without fail, I always cut out at minute Which I guess is why it makes an impact. So the four guys decide to play a game with the youngsters, with Do-jin saying the youngsters will be embarrassed because of his good skills. Honestly, you totally ruin the AGD’s “come on” to its viewers. She should get over herself and watch TVN these days. I mean, he’s like her uncle. All this proves, is that I have too much time on my hands this week. Yes, Y went and took her away, YES!!!!!

Mostly I think the fault lies with the inconsistent characters writing, the writer seems holding into the cliches too many times. They then asked Do-jin when was the last time he played basketball, and he said his last victory was 18 years ago in a pop culture reference to actor Jang Dong-gun ‘s hit basketball drama The Last Match. She assures him that Tae San will understand and forgive him eventually and also adds that she wants to thank him for helping her with her stepbrothers. Colin announces that he wants to go to bed and Do Jin quietly slips out after turning off the lights. I think he loves Min Sook and has probably always loved her. But when Tae San told Me Ahri he was no longer her brother, that pissed me off and made me sad.

Thank you girlfriday and javabeans, i now understand why Dojin had TaeSan and Rok move to the back while trying to get into the club. Ivoire August 5, at 9: We also see this in the end of episode 17, but it turns out that in the beginning of episode 18, MAR actually does hug Y back and holds on to him until the end of the scene, doing what she had always wished she could do and Y did the same, finally letting MAR and us the viewers, but we already knew that know how much he loves her and cares about her.

The bromance has been the best part of this drama. Is Me Ahri mature enough for Yoon? Suddenly a girl enters the restaurant and their eyes are drawn to her. Kim Haneul’s character must be one of my least favourite female leads ever. I did watch the last episodes, and totally forgot that orangy hasn’t wrote the recaps! Well I really liked this drama so it sucks Orangy didn’t get to finish, because she at least seemed to enjoy it a little bit lol. Do Jin answers that his parents live in Toronto and that he grew up in a pleasant household.


It took them long enough to show why he was incessantly cutting the yarn into tiny pieces. A Gentleman’s Dignity Promotional poster. I am totally wanting to know what happens! Scenes show each of them breaking up with their girlfriends, and whenever one does, the other three will be saying, “Hey! Her heart, close to his heart.

The threat of divorce had become a game, and he didn’t realize that under her postering, there was real pain. Let’s celebrate Me Ahri’s character assassination and stalled character growth so the successful creepy older man can finally accept his lust for her and make sure she’s taken care of forever. She is actually one of my favorite characters in the drama. I’ver always thought that he was purely marrying for money and just developed some feelings now, when he’s about to loose her.

Please don’t go there, AGD, I’m begging you. As a 10 year old watching Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly, my impression was that the heroine and the hero never had sex despite the obvious attraction.

This is how I feel about this drama too. Girl knows what she wants and is not afraid to stand up for it she is not into marriage and kids while Taesan is ALL about it. I also loved that he made it clear that him being with MAR was not going to be a “keep her barefoot and pregnant” kind of relationship, that he actually intended to support her dreams.

SINOPSIS A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

That said, the drama has its faults, some of them rather big, and dignlty probably why I haven’t even watched the last two episodes after the olympics-induced withdrawl. I didn’t feel that Y rejected DJ and JR when they went to see him, I felt that he just guessed rightly that DJ and JR went to see TS and he understood why they care for him as well and he just choose to not be very communicative that day, but I didn’t feel that he rejected them.


The night before Jung-rok’s wedding, the other three guys go to Min-sook’s house to give the marriage chest.

They argue about who is the best, with Jung-rok interrupting the conversation several times saying that Taekwon Gentpeman is the best. It didn’t give me the zing that made me want to watch it.

He just had been oblivious to how bad things had gotten as time went by. But he takes the pages about his alimony—a third of her giant fortune—and rips them up, saying he loved the woman who had lots of money, but has no desire for money without her.

Oh thanks, I couldn’t be bothered and only watched ep 19 and Yi Soo and Do Jin take ssinopsis apartment tour and Do Jin grins when the real estate agent thinks the two are looking for a place as a married couple. They stare at episoee other silently before Yi Soo requests that they listen to the radio. Jung Rok has finally started some growth, but he really needs a kick in the pants. I’m glad I watched. I must admit, I never really enjoyed reading your recap. Yumi, I like your insight into Jung Rok.

In the end, I really liked the development in JR and MS relationship and I have wanted to see more of them as well, as I dignkty indicated before.

Sinopsis ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ All Episodes

Is that like the definition of setting expectations so low that a sincere apology seems like earth-shattering stuff? They lay down on the ground to rest after painting one wall and Do Jin remarks that they finished quickly because of him. For goodness sakes, it’s JDG! I seem like a crazy woman for doubting you without reason.

Episose Min-sook and Jung-rok I really liked your recaps Orangy and was bummed that you couldn’t recap the last episodes and finish it off orangy style.

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