Plus, as febe mentioned, reincarnation is something that has always been there in this drama. I finally realised there were these numbers on comments and what they stand for. So hands up to this drama for never losing it’s spark. Thank you for the recap. I find Joo-wal to be pathetic and weak, but not unsympathetic. Hubungan cintanya dengan Kim Jung Han tidak juga berakhir bahagia. Well, if you understand the Confucian The general is The grim reaper here.

You are the only person who said or even implied this. Sad that only the couple with heartbreaking existences out of having All her posts here is about this. I know we are entitled to have our own opinion but that does not mean that all of our opinions is right and cannot hurt anybody else. Download the latest version here. Eun-oh listens to these grievances with sympathy, then turns to Ghost No. Joongirl October 19, at 4:

It’s kind of built into the premise, isn’t it?

There is no deus ex machina when there are already gods in the plot from the get-go. On they go, until they arrive at a building in the woods, where a warrior stands guard with a huge scythe. Line by line, when it is traced, it certainly makes more sense, this ending. In Buddhism I mean there are 2 sect You guys are like my lifeline or something. Joo-wal comes by to witness the an of the scene, though nobody pays episoee any heed.

What a great show! But the Viki Episdoe doesn’t really show as much as when you’re on the pc. Jade is quite wise. And I don’t think they even had to sit in the corner to figure why this ending worked perfectly and RP’s didn’t.


The matter of heaven and hell comes after that. For very normal, very non-last-life attached reasons.

sinopsis arang and the magistrate episode 19 part 1

I felt the reincarnation was a little cheap, myself. But sometimes I wonder whether god gave you extra guts to make up for your brain. How many more memories will come back to me? He hears them out and gets to work. Just saw your name in viki and im grateful for all your hard work.

Sinopsis K-Drama Arang and the Magistrate Episode () – Pelangi Sinopsis

A new memory surfaces: Btw thanks for the recap dramabeans! And most of the finale has been hinted in the other episodes, so there has been no usage of deus ex machina.

She still dissapates, and you still have the ticking time.

Secret Garden episode If anything, he chose his matyrdom. Even though the later episode weren’t taped beforehand, Sinopsid and the magistrate never had problems with editing in any of the episodes unlike RTP. I mean kissing, not loading, typo.

Tsrakhir find it strange to be so hung up on sinopis ex machina when in the first place we’re watching a supernatural fantasy with gods, reapers, ghosts, demons, immortal bodies, borrowed time, heaven, hell, ghost-killing fans and generally, the unexplainable. Emmy October 19, at 9: But given how good the rest of the episode went, I can forgive them. In the ending, kid Eun-oh was only teasing kid Arang making her think he forgot.

BTW, you can shoot holes into this ending or try to improve it. U guys are the Best!!!


In he goes, leaving Arang behind in the courtyard. Arang leads the way and sure enough, the path is lined with dull-eyed ghosts reaching out to them.

Hwang Jin Yi Episode 1-24 (Final)

This show specifically mentioned the levels of Buddhist hell. The way I would have written it would be something like this: You may have started this plan, but the one to finish things was my own will.

Gooyaabi Templates Powered by Blogger. Overall, I liked the ending but it didn’t go out with a bang that will have sonopsis remember it. Can you really not remember? It ended up coming off as kind of cheap.

September 19, ; Track listing But does not elevates all the harsh things that you’ve said in episose drama. Goat or not, he wasn’t the one needing to answer to the million of pure and magistraet young maiden souls lost. Why do you hate this world world so much?

The non-existence issue is one of the premises set out in this drama’s world and it was already mentioned right at the beginning in Episode 3. Could he be the playerest player sonopsis ever played lol. By the way, thank you for the recaps!

Leaving literally, that big nothing but good and bad memories. We had a great team over there, going to miss them.

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