I have the same question: Right now all Dal-po can see think about are his mother and father, and the only question floating in his head is: Omg, when they did the Jambangee Photoshoot, they looked so good together! Now what should I do to fill this empty hole in my heart? Sinopsis Pinocchio Episode 1: Hana January 16, at 3: You explained it well.. How I wished Dr.

Il-joo grumbles, still dying of jealousy. She ends up at the gate of the precinct demanding to see him, and the officers roll their eyes and call him out to fetch her. Thanks Pinocchio, Bye Pinocchio Ugghh this hits me so hard, I never thought of this. He’s on my top 3 list of fave Korean Actors. But Dal-po surprises him by asking him to drop the charges against Song Cha-ok. Was it the age difference or did the writer just mean for Cap to be some father figure who’s looking out for YR?

Pinocchio: Episode 20 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

T What am I going to do with my Wednesdays and Thursdays? Princess comes by with good news that their director sinopsiw be fired in no time, but she just asks him to hand in her resignation. Haha it’s a great drama, I’m glad you’re liking it too as much as I do: Pinocchio gives pinocchiio audience the impact that they had planned all along.

Sue January 16, at I’ll miss it so much! I’m so grateful we actually got to see them together, they were everything I wanted and more.

Sinopsis Drama Korea Pinocchio Episode 1 – Terakhir

Maybe it’s not possible in the near future, but I hope they get paired up again. I’m sad but glad, it been a dry season for pinocciho with drama lately but was glad finally a good one came out. I loved the drama, and especially in the beginning part when I was completely sucked in. Thanks to a great writer and production team and an AMAZING cast really, they were all so important Pinocchio turned out to be a really satisfying drama until the end, And the finale was everything I wanted and more.


But overall, I super in love with all the character without exception, even the nosy Jang and Chansoo!

Omg, when they did the Jambangee Photoshoot, they looked so good together! I mean, they are accelerating at the right path with Jaemyung but suddenly pushed the brakes, crashed down and went straight to a confusing path.

Choi family is love. Now Pinocchio ended too Mereka berdua sangat bergairah mengejar berita, In Ha dan Dal Po kemudian menjadi wartawan baru di meja Berita urusan saat ini. Park Shin Hye Main Cast. I felt like this after Misaeng, but Pinocchio filled that hole for a while. Ugh, it still breaks my heart when he tells Dal-po that he can throw away that name now. And it’s even sweeter when Grandpa finally wears down and agrees to undo the adoption – he adores his son above all else, and it shows.

Song Cha-ok receives notice that the charges against her have been dropped. Episodes by odilettante. Sighhh what to do with life now. Both their stations have rookie interviews today, and they chitchat as he drives over to pick her up for work, and she waits with two coffees in hand.

Her love for her son is her lone weakness, and the brilliance of it lies in the way her character was shown from episode 1 – she’s continually shown to refer to people as basically objects, to be treated as she wishes starting from the moment when she asked Beom-jo if she should find “the Pinocchio” for him and sinopssi subverted the reporters’ rules to demand of the policemen why there weren’t any stories episoed their rounds – moments that seemed like mere comic relief at first, but are cast elisode a darker light later.


Thanks Pinocchio, Bye Pinocchio Your email address will not be published. This drama is well made plot from start to end.

I don’t know what’s going to become of me when that drama ends too. They just look good together and even off-cam they still have that chemistry.

Am I the only one somewhat bothered by this? You’ll love it for sure as much as a lot of beanies here love it too. It’s time to see her with LSG though. Doctor Stranger was such a mess! Lee Yoo Bi Main Cast.

Princess complains about the lock code on the door changing in his absence, but Gyo-dong reminds him that it changes on rotation all the time. You were the best love story between an uncle, a niece, a grandpa, and a dad ever.

I am glad they put hyung in every episode, only even if it were for a minute or two. How I wished Dr. Ha, is this what he did every time? Bye my favorite winter drama. I guess scheduling conflicts with hyung might be the reason.

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