Skeem Saam Teasers – November 12 Oct Blood is spilt in the Maputla house. Vania and Tami have a startling realisation about the prison escape. Kwaito gets the offer of a lifetime, Pretty has a new secret admirer and the biggest scandal is about to hit Turfkloof. Skeem Saam Teasers – April 24 Feb Alfred and Celia tell Charles where to get off. Looking for fliks to watch over the festive? Cabin fever sets tensions high in Hatfield Prison and Lelo comes up with a master-plan.

Rachel makes a bad enemy. Skeem Saam Teasers – September 5 Aug It’s time for payback. Skeem Saam Teasers – November 12 Oct Nimza reveals his deepest fear to Charles. Lehasa and Lelo find themselves at loggerheads again. The competition is heated as students are told that they will be rewarded for their hard work.

Skeem Skewm Teasers – July 24 May Skeem Saam Teasers – July 18 May A haunting message from the outside world reaches Lelo. Kat’s in the thick of things at his new culinary school next month and Lelo gets the surprise of her life.

Granny gives Charles a piece of her mind. MaNtuli faces a difficult and tempting decision. Skeem Saam Teasers – February 22 Jan Alfred forgets an important lunch date. Nimza reveals his deepest fear to Charles. Skeem Saam Teasers – August 20 Jun Nimza keeps making things worse.


Skeem Saam Teasers – September 20 Jul Mokgadi truth-bombs a party by spilling an earth shattering secret and Lehasa’s mask starts to sssslip Only TVSA members can reply to this thread. A look back at what your Skeem Saam faves daam like when the show first started seven years ago. Skeem Saam starts the year with a bang.

Click here to login or register. The battle lines are drawn between Ma Koloi and Sis Ouma.

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John is shocked when he hears news about himself. Emkay makes a decision that throws Eunice off the edge. Rachel crushes on a new man and then faces huge changes in her family.

Skeem Saam Teasers – May 4 Apr How would you feel if this guy bought nuts from you?

Kwaito is pleased when Pretty finally sees the light about a matter related to their household income. Emkay is hit by a sobering realisation that ruins his holidays. Skeem Saam Teasers – March 6 Feb Skeem Saam Teasers – October 21 Aug The Throne Teasers Feb Lelo and Lehasa continue being at loggerheads.

Skeem Saam Teasers – December 18 Oct Sonti’s guilty crush 7 Dec You are cordially invited to pop in for a peek of Lokgadi’s wedding in the build-up to their union this Friday 12 February.


SABC 1 – Skeem Saam Teasers February – March 2019 (#SkeemSaam )

Alfred feels betrayed by a new friend. Skeem Saam Teasers – June 18 Apr The Seakamelas are forced to go vegetarian when the breadwinner puts his foot down. New Skeem Saam character alert! Coming up on Skeem Saam this March After her confrontation with Granny, Charity reaches out to an marhc enemy. Sonti drops a huge bombshell in the month of lurve.

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Skeem Saam Teasers – February 4 Jan Noah is determined to face his enemy on his own terms. Kwaito gets an unexpected ally. Skeem Saam Teasers – March 23 Jan Kwaito takes his frustration out on Tbose. Monday 11 February Episode Lehasa receives a call from skeej damsel in distress and this enrages Lelo.

Skeem Saam Teasers – December 17 Nov An admirer makes contact with Pretty, turning her world upside down.

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