A number of specialty poses needed to be made to create this scene with Kanye swimming. Get my jet ready! That’s the really sinister part. Jimmy, that’s messed up. What are you, Clyde,a gay fish? Damn right I’m male! They were tryingto help me.

You like to put fishsticksin your mouth? Well, to be perfectlyf-f-frank, Eric, I think I came up witha little bit more of the joke than you did. Swanson voice April Stewart The New York Times. All this time I’ve beenmad at you Jimmy for trying to takeall the credit. The joke is played on rapper Kanye West , who does not understand it. In its original American broadcast, “Fishsticks” was watched by 3. Please, I wasn’t startingrumors about you.

South Park Celebrity Supercut #1: Kanye’s Best Gayfish Moments

I thought it was hysterical. You are caringand not fat. I just need youto teach me some Jew defensive moves, Kyle. I want to knowhow this got started. You know,’cuz fishsticks sounds likefish dicks, Jimmy. He didn’t actuallywrite any of it All costumes on background characters must be designed and approved, prior to animation. Stranger Sign in, buddy. It’s not great, not bad — hovering somewhere around amusing towards forgettable.

So guys I gotta ask, How did you come upwith this incredible joke? I’m gonna kick yourmotherfucking ass! They were trying to help me. Actually itwas potato chips.


Here’s some fishdicks guys,hope you like fishdicks. Are we really going to do a whole episode about this? According to Nielsen Media Research”Fishsticks” was seen by more than 3.

Fishsticks (South Park) – Wikipedia

That’s whatI want to know! Eric Cartman,you are handsome and not evenremotely fat.

What are you talking about? Look, exactly who came upwith which part of the joke isn’t even relevant. Previous Eat, Pray, Queef. So the pope says “What are you,a stinking evolutionist? If I was a homosexualor a fish, I would know!

What are you Peterson,a gay fish? So I can’t be a fish. Master of humility or marketing genius? Can kanhe explain how nobodythought of it before? Let all my fans knowI love ’em but a janye fishjust can’t live in the outside world forever. The art department created a number of different outfits for Kanye. An entire army ofJew robots!

After coming up with the idea, Parker and Stone waited a long time before they finally wrote the script because, Stone said, fishstiks just seemed too dumb. Do you like fishsticks?

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I need to believewhat people tell me. Look at me man Eric, there’s somethingI really need to know. West grows angry when others say he does not get it, and will not allow anyone to explain it to him, because he claims to be a genius and “the voice of a generation”. I’ve always wantedto work with you. Stone said, “They truly believe they did it.


That’s what Kyle wastrying to tell me. What are you Paul,a gay fish? The th overall episode of the series, it was originally broadcast on Comedy Central in the United States on April 8, Wikiquote has quotations related to: You think you canmake fun of me? Say Clyde, do youlike fishsticks?

Then hopefully, you’vegot a good joke.

episove You told usto track down whoever started thewhole fishstick thang. The episode received positive, if slightly mixed reviews.

When Jimmy tells Cartman he feels he wrote most of the joke, Cartman fears Jimmy will try to take full credit and asks Kyle for advice on how to deal with Jimmy.

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