Why so many creepy episodes these last few seasons? It’s funny that, though the senior staff comprises a mere 0. I was pretty young at the time, but I literally couldn’t watch the holodeck recreation scene when I first saw it – it was so intense I had to change the channel. I also agree that she had her shrill episodes too. The Enterprise is on a routine mission to chart an unusually dense globular cluster. In Time’s Arrow, I thought the ending of the Devidians was rather lame; that the Enterprise would just casually destroy the site without even trying to make contact with them was out of character. This time it’s personal. The lighting is dark and strange.

Thu, Aug 31, , 9: Were there any smells in the room? But I liked the idea of these aliens regardless of what they actually looked like abducting crew members through some kind of portal — decent sci-fi idea even if it is not original. Dusty Tue, Dec 27, , 4: But it set up the major plotlines of Data reads poetry and Riker has sleep apnea. This article needs additional citations for verification. I’d also point out that I enjoyed what to me was an unspoken red herring — Ensign Kaminer I looked it up , the “newcomer” joining the ship’s senior crew as a victim of the abductions. The Ode to Spot was just lovely, but Geordi’s conversation with Data feels like it belongs in an episode where character matters.

It’s just so deliciously creepy, so unlike anything TNG attempted. This page was last edited on 11 Januaryat Computer, there were noises, coming from the darkness. While I loved Data’s poetry at the trwk it was both funny and well donethis episode was rather weak for me.

They looked like larger versions of the Jawas from Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs. Computers of various types Enemy 4: Deep Space Nine Star Trek: Hard to believe nobody ever tried it before.

He is constantly exhausted and has images of object in his mind that he can’t quite place. Add to that the fact that alien abduction stories have always since the time I was a little kid been something that hits all the right buttons for me, and “Schisms” has a hard road ahead of it to win my approval.


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Jammer Thu, Jun 14,7: But, they cannot locate these beings as they are in some other phase or dimension. Landon, I have not played the Mass Effect series. This article needs additional citations for verification. Also nice, in general, is the fact that they’re mapping a globular cluster. DutchGamer Wed, Aug 24, Since it seems inspired by an episode of the TV show with that name, that’s appropriate. To make matters worse, the anomaly in the cargo bay starts expanding into a subspace rift.

Thrackerzod Thu, Mar 12,3: That’s a neat quasi-meta narrative trick when you think about it: Counselor Deanna Troi Brent Spiner In Relics, can’t we just enjoy the Dyson Sphere without the Enterprise nearly being liquidated by the stellar core? The test we saw on the show was his final success. I like Dr Crusher, sure, but Pulaski’s a better doctor and a more interesting character, not to mention, Diana Muldaur can act circles around McFadden.

I also enjoyed the scene where Geordi tries desperately to avoid hurting Data’s non-feelings. Commander Riker volunteers, as he has been taken several nights in a row.

I thought he didn’t date on the ship. Its just a little odd to see such a vehement argument about the computer knowing what the characters wanted too well If so, I wonder what he, such a critical reviewer, thinks of the me 3 ending I guess some people get a sense of an adrenaline rush from staar stories.

Latex Zebra Mon, May 28,3: I was very afraid of thunder as a child still am to a certain degreeso I held my ears closed to block out the sound.

Speaking of that sensor modification, it’s done by running “warp energy” through the “EPS mains” on deck 4, which is nowhere near the warp coils, main engineering, the deflector dish, or the sensors.

Yeah, resolution is rather by-the-numbers and anticlimactic often allien case when you try too hard to explain what should be left, at least in part, ambiguous and mysteriousbut this is still an enjoyable hour of TV.

Star Trek The Next Generation S 6 Ep 05 – Schisms

When they trej if this is happening to other crew members as well, they ask the ship’s computer to list any missing members and find that two other crew members are currently missing. They remember being constrained in I always liked this one. Jay Thu, Jun 21,1: I remember as a kid having nightmares as a result of it.


Basic science is different and shouldn’t be so wrong. Alirn saw this episode when it first aired, but I didn’t hear most of it. In engineering, Data is discussing his poetry with La Forge before they are interrupted when the sensors report an EPS overload in cargy bay 4.

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I agree this is a good episode, but what took me out of it to a distracting level was the scene on the holodeck. None of Data’s other friendships had that nice back and forth, and it’s not like he couldn’t take a little ribbing I don’t recall tnv being actually mean to him at any point, either. It’s kinda like how O’Brien ended up getting tortured so much on DS9.

I thought Jonathan Frakes was outstanding, and as a fan of the much-maligned Marina Sirtis, her Counselor Troi more than held her own, especially in the holodeck scene. Something I did with a few of the episodes before and after this one. Submit a comment Name.

Ok, the actual episode: The episode totally lost me in the teaser and I had no idea what it was supposed to be about until 15 or 20 minutes in. The Next Generation Companion. Commander Riker has not been sleeping well but Dr. There was an abstract threat to Earth by the Devidians, but here there was a alieen, tangible threat to the Enterprise.

William B Sat, Aug 24, I tell ya, that was a pretty intense start to the episode! Several of the Enterprise crew members are having difficulty sleeping or have lost track of time, and find themselves having strange emotional responses to normal objects. They appear in the cargo bay moments before the rift is forced closed.

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