Palano Jay Na – By Bonoful. Chhinnomostar Abhishaap Episode 3. Roopkatha – Episode 01 Abhinandan Banerjee. Views Read Edit View history. Murari Babur Motor Gaari. But, right after that some unbelievable things start happening in Shonku’s house. Ke By Hemandra Kumar Ray

Maya By Bibhutibhusan The story ends when the child concocts a potion by mixing several very dangerous chemicals and acids, some of which were Shonku’s own inventions, and gulps it down before Shonku had a chance to stop him. Retrieved 6 May Kamini – Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. Filmography Literary works Awards for Satyajit Ray. Professor Shonku gives the bird shelter in his own house. Shubhashya Shighram – Jagadish Basu. Sarbanashini — Pachkori Dey Sunday Suspense.

Pragjyotish – Sharadinu Bandyopadhyay. Tungabhadrar Teerey – Sharadindu Bandopadhyay – Part 3. Lohar Biscuit – Byomkesh Bakshi Special. But you can also download it from the below download button. Chi Protessor tells Shonku “You ale gleat” i. Chhinnomostar Abhishaap Episode 3. Although initially Shonku was reluctant to see this boy as practising medicines is not his profession, after he sees sunray boy it soon becomes obvious that this is indeed an extraordinary case worthy of his attention.

Sunday Suspense – Prof Shonku O Moru Rahasya by Radio Mirchi Kolkata

When Professor Proessor sees that the mini man in the flask looks like Proefessor Shonku, he tries to kill “original” Shonku. Abinash Majumdar also goes with him. Now, Professor Shonku clearly knows that he was not the person. Sadashib Er Douro Douri Kando. Palano Jay Na – By Bonoful. Hatyapuri – Feluda Rahasya Adventure Part 1. Prof Shonku Byomjatrir Diary.


You can also listen this story from the player beside right sidebar. No one, in human history, has gone behind that mountains.

Sunday Suspense – Prof Shonku O Moru Rahasya

Shimonto Heera Byomkesh Adventure. Professor Shonku invents a device named Neo-Spectroscope that can contact souls of deceased people and starts researching with it. Aschorjo Diary – Kollol Lahiri. Shankur Porolok Charcha Sunday Suspense is the most popular radio program of radio mirchi kolkata.

Prof Sanku O Corvus. Sahochor – Narayan Gangopadhyay. Abinash Majumdar finds a ball spherical object near Usri river. GreeceSahara desert. A scientist whom Shonku knew, Demetrius, goes missing all of a sudden.

There he meets Professor Goldstein and Professor Petruci and they discuses on the glory of ancient Sumerian civilisation. Aakar Khata – Himadri Kishore. At the same time, an Egyptian person threatens Shonku and asks to stop the excavation.

He comes back to Giridih and starts researching. Sarbanashini — Pachkori Dey Sunday Suspense. Professor Sanku O Gorilla. Akritonghno – Achinto Suspenee Sengupta. Kaalo Baagh – Manoranjan Dey. His friends also experience the same dream. Ke By Hemandra Kumar Ray Professor Shonku accepts the invitation and reaches Heidelberg, Germany. Golok Dham Rahoshyo Feluda Series.


Tungabhadrar Teerey – Sharadindu Bandopadhyay – Part 2. Finally Chi Ching called Professor Shonku to come up on the stage, being unaware that Professor Shonku was a great scientist and an expert of hypnotism. Al-Hubbal shows them an old box and tells them the box contains something very extraordinary. At the end of the story, Batukeshwar Shonku, grandfather of great grandfather oti briddho propitamoho of Shonku appears.

Professor Shonku requests Hamakura to take them in journey. Hop Frog – Edgar Allan Poe. Shonku displays his crow, ‘Corvus’ to world’s leading ornithologists who had come to attend a conference in San Diego.

Sunday Suspense – Bengali Story Pop_2 Mp3 Songs High Quality Album Free Download @

Roopkatha – Episode 01 Abhinandan Banerjee. Professor Shonku firstly fails to recognise him, but then realises that he attended Chi Ching’s magic show in Kobe, Japan. Koral Korkat By Premendra Mitra

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