The foursome continues their discussion, planning to split the vote between Andrea and Eddie incase Andrea plays her Hidden Immunity Idol. I guess it is take out our biggest competition, right? Gossip and Gab Topics. Eddie and Erik jump off and take the treat. In the new Survivor , Reynold gives his all to win immunity. Erik acknowledges that he believes Andrea because he helped her find the Idol.

Cochran then tells the women that Andrea has mentioned both of their names when talking about blindsiding someone which leads to both Brenda and Dawn wanting Andrea out of the game before Eddie. Back at camp, everyone is happy, except Eddie , that Reynold has finally been sent home. What a feel good moment that was hey? Cochran jumps dow Final round — Dawn is out. Dawn seemed to be her next target. It was a perfect solution.

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It looks like Reynold or Eddie will be going home. We all saw this coming, right? Brenda, Sherrie, and Cochran are worried that Andrea will play the idol and talked about splitting the votes between her and Eddie. Erik, Eddie and Cochran now have pieces on their ladder. Brenda fell off and Andrea won immunity and the game information. It was a massive process but we did it because we would never do anything to risk the integrity of the game or make it unfair for someone.

So, we first brought out fires and placed them in floating bins in the water. Erik gets his key and Andrea is right behind them. If Erik can follow Cochran into the Final Three, he stands a strong chance to be able to draw some votes and possibly pull out an underdog win.

Today team mates are back in the water and they have to push a buoy through a rope obstacle. Brenda tries survivkr best to stay alive but to know avail as Erik places his final three pieces to claim his first Individual Immunity since that fateful day in Micronesia. Rob thinks the hidden idol rules are more flexible. Reynold had problems with people in his tribe from Day One and vented his frustrations at his struggling Gota tribe.


So we pulled the fire bins and had to bring out generators to power lights and put them on a barge. Twice the Tribal Councils!

Cochran wants to take over in the game and gain as much power as he can. He can play both alliances and it is down to Erik, yet again!

Home Article Survivor recap: Now Eddie is left all alone! Cochran joins up with Brenda and Reap as the trio discusses the future of the game. The castaways come back and they are all relieved survior have Reynold gone. Next, Stephen has strong opinions about Erik finding the hidden immunity idol. What will happen next week? Cochran confesses that he finally understands why Andrea has been so protective of Eddie — because Andrea wants to be in the Final Three with Eddie.

Brenda says the challenge gave her a chance to test herself and she was happy she was beaten instead of jumping off. Can Eddie and Reynold survive another week? Caramoan caramoaj Fans vs. Eddie never should have jumped off for a donut.

Probst collects the votes and asks if any Idols will be played. Eddie and Erik jump off and take the treat.

Andrea then tells Eddie to vote for Brenda, with Eddie admitting it is the first time since the start of the game that he is confident he will know the outcome of the vote at Tribal Council. It was a great blindside, reminiscent of the game-changing Ozzy blindside back in the first Fans vs.

Confiding in Cochran may not have been the right choice. Reynold almost falls over, but comes back strong and stays up. I am so loving it right now!!! The castaways come back and Reynold said this is a perfect time for them to take out a threat, but will they? Listen carajoan the Podcast: Who Are The Final 3 Epispde The Bachelor Spoilers: Please follow and like us: Finally, Andrea declares that she will hold onto the Idol but bring it to Tribal Council but only play it if she feels paranoid.



Survivor: Caramoan’: Jeff Probst on episode 12 and tears to come

Andrea, on the other hand, made the mistake of not downplaying her relationship with Eddie and this ended up hurting her. Andrea, Reynold, and Brenda were the only contestants left. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Andrea is thrilled that Reynold is gone and is now already working on who she can blindside, she has Brenda and Dawn on her mind and approaches Cochran as soon as they get survivlr to camp.

She was totally blindsided and Malcolm and Reynold are loving it in the jury! The challenge has gotten tougher, everyone is now on top of the triangle and shaking all over.

She obviously has had a much more visible edit however than Brenda, which still makes me wonder just how much longer dear old Brenda will last in this game.

That he is not.

But surprise surprise, Andrea soon found herself getting her torch snuffed in one of the more interesting blindsides this season! Andrea then admitted that she is paranoid enough to play her idol at any time.

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The wind was making it harder to balance. The Young and the Restless E;isode If Cochran has to choose who goes home out of Dawn and Brenda, Brenda leaves everyday of the week because Dawn has made enemies in the game.

Contestants had to push a buoy through obstacles, get a key, and assemble a ladder puzzle bottom to top. Gossip and Gab Topics.

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