You will find switches on both the top ” ” ” and bottom part of each tower. Warband – E10 Men of the West Minecraft: Give it a good whack to wake the snail up. Warn the Morels – Goal Completed! Don’t have an account? As the shower begins to flood, use Will of Spores on the leaves here. It rides good, but you need to work on the landing.

He hands over the quarter. Activate the Defenses – Goal Completed! There is an infected rat if you need any spore goo. Before you explore the opened door, head to the right side of the room. Your Wii Remote will begin shaking as you approach the glowing green crystal. Screw – Goal Completed!

Run between the coffin and the wall to your right and kill the three Amanitas. Open the container for an engagement ring and drop down.

TO THE SKIES!! | Spore [11]

Giant red worms pop out of the holes in the walls, flutter around, then retreat. From the very edge of the box, face the blue windowsill. Pax finally makes it to the Morel Fortress as the level comes to a close.

If this is the case, restart the level to reset all the traps and try again. Turn it with Sporekinesis to power on the steam vents and open the door near where we found the fourth meteorite chunk. Repeat this simple process to weaken the beast. Defeat minexart Lepiotas and go to the left. You should probably spot the bright green glow of a meteorite chunk as you make your ascent.


Pax will then learn the Spore Punisher attack.

At the intersection here, go kinecart the right to find yet another switch! Float to the floor and continue destroying food and chinese food boxes.

As the shower begins to flood, use Will of Spores on the leaves here. When an enemy is weakened and is spewing green goo, aim and press B to make it spin around and explode.

Use Will of Spores on the creepy cyclops mushroom growing on the side of the adjascent wall. Go up the plank and look across at the meteorite in the corner. The cockroaches and flies wandering around are incredibly annoying, as there is an endless wave of them. Descend the slope past the villager and whack the container up ahead to get the thimble.

When the boss starts acting cheap, it’s time to return the favor. You can now build The Terrier Terror! Remember the meteorite frozen inside the freezer? Stand on the very edge and move the camera to the left side of the room. Paper Clip – Goal Completed!

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by DomZ Ninja – GameFAQs

Whindersson is a comedian and singer, and he uses both of these talents in his videos. In the corner of the room past the doggy door is a container; break it open for a doorstopper. August 15th, Part 1 Pixels as Big as Cats!: Jump on the lowest one and use Will of Spores to shoot up to the next one. This is your first battle, so the game will give you a rundown to your basic combat commands.


Use Sticky Hand on it, then drop down on the other end and through the door. They also talk about videos that they make for their other channels.

If you’re getting smacked around by the flying produce, consult to the infected plant for health.

Silent Hill 2, Part 3 Let’s Play: Thimble – Goal completed! Run forward and kill the tiny hornets, then face off against the bloated, mutated fly. Up ahead is, yep, another plugged-up steam vent. They are quite annoying, so kill any that get near you. There are three types of Amanita: From up here, glide down onto the motorcycle.

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