Mortal Engines is the latest in dystopian YA to make the leap to the big screen, but this time with the guidance of Oscar-winning blockbuster maestro, Peter Jackson. For me, this is a cult status classic. Jihae as Anna Fang. We are going to get ourselves out of this funk and off of this couch, and were going to get our mojo back. It’s just like a man in a bowler hat appears and the movie treats it ludicrously seriously, and I wanted to laugh uproariously. Nate Zoebl Super Reviewer. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

Even at its worst, Mortal Engines is a visual treat that surprises with ingenuity and terrific special effects. I wish we spent more time in this world and less time with the bland assembly of characters not played by Hugo Weaving. There’s no spark of charisma between the two of them. How did this truly crummy movie get made? A botch more concerned with creating a would-be franchise than in making a movie entertaining enough to make audiences want to see more. Movie Info Hundreds of years after civilization was destroyed by a cataclysmic event, a mysterious young woman, Hester Shaw Hera Hilmar , emerges as the only one who can stop London — now a giant, predator city on wheels — from devouring everything in its path.

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The main characters are powerfully bland, and they also give way to bland supporting friend characters who serve no purpose other than to be the eyes needed to oversee certain villainous revelations. Did the marketing team actively try and hide the buzzier genre elements? There’s no spark of charisma between the two of them. A film that knows how to rev its engines but doesn’t have enough gas to fulfil its franchise potential. The last YA series to make a successful run was The Maze Runner trilogy and it did so by a combination of realistic, limited ambitions and reasonable budgets.


Mortal Engines is so damn enjoyable and beautiful to look at, I’m kind of glad it exists.

Then he is going to meet sandy for a little saisom, followed by jellyfishing with pat, and squidwards clarinet recital. The Professional version where a young girl teams up with a zombie Terminator father figure for vengeance. This has long since disappeared from theaters, so you will have to rent or stream it.

This walkkng turn is further evidence at how sloppily the storytelling can get with character choices. Chrisanne Chin Super Reviewer. Visually, it’s busy, hefty and propulsive, but emotionally and thematically, it’s as light as air. That’s something that Mortal Engines has in spades – a sense of scale and scope. How To Train Your Dragon: In the distant future, the world we know it was decimated by a war that took all of 60 seconds.


It’s a movie about giant cities on wheels attacking each other and it also has a zombie Terminator Make no mistake, Mortal Engines is messy and bloated as all hell and no one in their right mind had any business committing serious money to a steampunk YA series long after that ship had sailed.

I mean, we are not going to just sit here and wallow. Related videos for minecraftlesnaufragsmixestvivant saison 4 episode12 you have look for videos minecraftlesnaufragsmixestvivant saison 4 episode12 especially. What about the tagline which talks about her scar? The entire population of London is only seen cheering in reaction shots, which makes it harder to believe when characters talk about innocents amongst this throng of happy imperialist cheerleaders.

The world building on display is more imaginative and intriguing than I was expecting. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. And they’re willing to use the spare parts of dozens of other movies to make it happen. Weekend Box Office Results: By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango.


Feb 4, Rating: Don’t you, dear reader, want to see that movie too?

And I mean that comparison without malice or snark. Patrick Malahide as Magnus Crome.

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Log in with Facebook. Another character says her name relates to her desire to have her ashes scattered by the wind upon her death. The walking dead saison 1 episode 4 streaming vostfr vf francais. Trying to jam way too much into two rpisode than is reasonable, it instead delivers on zero things. I wish we had more importance with the Anna Fang Jihae character where she didn’t feel like she just ported over from a Matrix sequel. New director Christian Rivers works competently, and the years he spent working with Peter Jackson since Braindead shows.

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It’s a shame this went badly, as Team Sakson has had a string of defeats recently. Go see millions burn on screen, sky pirates attack tank cities, and steampunk terminators Ronan Raftery as Bevis Pod. Nate Zoebl Super Reviewer. Much like the equally bonkers Jupiter Ascending, the main characters and their story are the least interesting parts of the world.

Dec 24, Rating: Hera Hilmar as Hester Shaw. I wish we saw more about the intricacies of life on the move and the working infrastructure of these new environments. Joshua Sheetz Super Reviewer. In the ensuing years, cities have taken on a new life. The same goes for Mortal Engines, a Peter Jackson produced and designed sci-fi fantasy adventure that just didn’t find the audience it needed.

Jihae as Anna Fang. Mortal Engines is a confusing movie.

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