Komatsu learns the amazing truth about his mysterious new friend, and Toriko relies on the power of his Gourmet Cells to even the odds in his brutal showdown with Tommyrod! The Full Course of Rage!! It premiered on Hulu and Funimation’s official website on April Maboroshi no Men “Zen Men” ” Japanese: The food is superb, but their hair may never recover! After the legendary Knocking Master Jiro unmasks the terrifying evil before them, his life is endangered by his affection for Granny Setsuno! Elsewhere, the sinister Gourmet Corps reveal the secrets behind their desperate desire for the Jewel Meat! End of an Age!!

You’re Mine, Puffer Whale!! Registering is free, easy, and private. The Completed Melk Knife! A Taste of the Four-Beast!! Komatsu must find the courage to stand up to Zebra and tell the truth about who he wants to be his partner. By calming himself, Coco masks his presence and knocks a puffer whale. Toriko mistakes Chopper as potential food, leading to a brief fight with Luffy before the two quickly clear up the misunderstanding. Toriko VS Chiyo Baba!!

Meanwhile, Toriko and the rest of the Four Kings brace for the arrival of evil! A villainous member of the Gourmet Corps is hot on their trail, but help is on the way in the form of a Heavenly King!

Takimaru’s Full-Out Corkscrew Shot! Komatsu to Yun no Monogatari! The fifth ending theme, used from episode 63 to episode 75, is “Samba de Toriko!!!


Toriko no Waza, Shinka no Shunkan! Journey to the Underworld!!

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Audiences applaud wildly as Komatsu and the Four Kings arrive at the legendary Cooking Fest, eisode somewhere deep in the darkness, a powerful evil prepares to attack! Toriko is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro spisode produced by Toei Animation. Their journey will take them to Ice Hell, but they’ll have to survive a Sharkrocodile attack to arrive in one piece! The sudden arrival of a powerful Gourmet Reviver prompts Tommyrod to shed his skin, giving birth to a monstrous Parasite Emperor!

Komatsu must find an exquisite sauce to top a dish of very rare fish, and Toriko prepares to venture deep into the deadly Wul Jungle in search of food fit for a Battle Wolf! Elsewhere, the sinister Gourmet Corps reveal the secrets behind their desperate desire for the Jewel Meat! As Toriko contemplates what to do with the meat, Komatsu and his kidnapper encounter another Devil Python.

Hair Salon Barber Gourmet!

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Shitennou no Gattai Waza!! Slow Rain and Air!!

The series uses twelve pieces of theme music. A Midwinter Night’s Miracle! Gurume Santa no Neglish Retrieved October 12, Niji no Mi o Tore! The Four Kings’ battle against the Four-Beasts proves tougher than expected, and Komatsu tries desperately to speed up the process of making medicinal mochi! Kaisen no Mi o Sagase! The Result of Gorgeous Training!


An unexpected battle with a Hippo Shark gives the rainbow-haired gourmet hunter a chance to show off his strength! Toriko and Komatsu continue their quest to collect the Ozone Grass, but their journey only episofe more difficult. Toriko does the same. There’s just one problem. They meet up with Chief Mansam, who tells about the Gourmet Corps, the evil organisation trying to take control of the world’s ingredients and is targeting the Regal Mammoth.

A Time for Love!!

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The Last of the Four Kings, Zebra! Registering is free, easy, and private.

Toriko’s quest to attain the elusive Bubble Fruit hits a snag when he must fight a surprisingly formidable foe. Toriko and Komatsu explore the despicable depths of Honey Prison as they make their way to the one called Zebra.

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