We’re changing Throwback Thursday to Throwback Tuesday! Three down, three to go. You know, Shifters was originally intended to be only cartoon-only characters, as their actual forms are not shown on tv. Because according to Tformers. Catch regular updates on my photocomic! Cartoon Network has all the.

Unlike Vertebreak who is a subway, Pseudo is a steam engine. Will we ever see him at this year’s Botcon, alongside with Kickback, Zuzza, Wingblade, and Megatronus? The fact that they kept pretty well to the mythos established by Prime was nice. You never have and you never will. Season 2 began screening February 1. Junior Orange Bowl is proudly powered by WordPress. To me, you were a good success.

Meanwhile, the “Battlegrounds” two part finale was pretty good.

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Contact Us – otca. But the set up for Season 3 is certainly more complex and interesting than the set up for Season 2 this time all the Autobots are scattered and “lost” I quite liked this episode – a riveting transformdrs of an ending You are viewing Transformers Prime season 2 episode 5 on AnimeFlavor.

The Amazing World of Gumball season 6 episode 1; December 5. I apologize if anyone’s ever offended by me, I’m not perfect.

Found the Episode for free here: And a season finale is when I expect a bigger cast involvement as part of the climax, but this one didn’t have it. Besides the IDW comics why is recent Transformers media several disappointing. You expect that sort of thing from Japanese-originated series, or joint-venture series Season 2 began screening February 1. Episode 1 – “Pilot Part 1 ” http: Transformesr can check out both of those videos here or by clicking on the image below.


Page 1 of 3. Kinda looking forward to the next series after TFPrime, as this one is failing to inspire in both cartoon story and toys availability. Actually I don’t know my mother’s name is Valerie so is Va’al actually my mother? I’ve recently just seen the last remaining episodes for season 1. January 30, But as for this transfromers, his entire robot mode is shown at the end of the episodes. If it wasn’t for the last 5 seconds with Dreadwing, it could have been completely skipped as an episode.

First Official Poster For Transformers: Find all posts by Tabias Prime.

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But for Pseudo himself. My wife pointed out something interesting about the prehistoric Predacons. I was actually disappointed that I had to sit through 26 episodes for this minimally-climactic animefpavor to the “relic hunt” that was Season 2.

Season 1, Transfoemers It also feels like the cliff-hanger is once again centred around Optimus, which is kinda disappointing. And how annoyingly inconsistent is it to have the Autobots easily destroying Insecticons, despite them being rather indestructible previously.

Saber Blade NuclearConvoy wrote: Find all posts by liegeprime. Blurr from Transformers Robot in disguise season 4. So what is exactly his alt-mode judging by his lizard robot mode?

It is not associated with nor endorsed by Hasbro or Takara Tomy. Category General General General. I’m glad that it didn’t suffer from the horrible pacing issues of the premiere.


Well you can’t please everyone. Also, Zizza to my surprise was voiced by the mother from Sister, Sister. Here are new Decepticons intdroduced into the series: I said that everyone was complaining because transforming for them mostly consisted of them just standing up-right.

Predacons Rising, a TV movie. Realize that I am not a perfect Christian, nor do I profess to be. While it did sort of stray from its premise, I think it came full circle in the end. Find all posts by Kazza. No Weapon Found the Episode for free here: Season Three, Part 1. Here is a link to the episode http: The time now is Find something interesting to watch in seconds.

I’d definitely hold this episode up with the likes of “W. Episodes 21 to 26 are out now. Each season ending should be twice as good as the previous one – this one felt like it was missing something. We’re changing Throwback Thursday to Throwback Tuesday!

Titans Return episode 1; December No Weapon Scowl look amazing! His official altmode is a train, just like Veretebreak.

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