Apu explains that he was never infected because, as a vegan and a Hindu, he is morally opposed to eating anything that was once an animal, and, as a convenience store clerk, he is “armed to the teeth” in case of a store robbery or a zombie apocalypse. Homer instead runs off with the bag to eat its contents in privacy at a canyon cliff. Bart finally finds shelter at a crowded playground carousel, but is left at Lisa’s mercy when the other children leave to get ice cream. Lisa thinks this means ringing the bell at Mrs. Awards and honors Box office records Themes. Eventually, Bart decides to blackmail her into it with help from Willie , who would frame Lisa for the decapitated Skinner to honor his side of the “criss-cross” in which Bart killed Skinner. The only person who is not sucked in is Maggie , whose pacifier flies into the black hole, inexplicably stopping it.

Unfortunately, there is a real Black Widow spider in the box and when Homer grabs what he thinks is a plastic spider, he is bitten by it. Rabbi Hyman Krustofski voice Aron Ralston You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Then, the whole audience except for Kang and Kodos gather onstage and conclude the episode by singing “Number XX” Where Kang then shushes the audience, gesturing at Kodos, who has fallen asleep with the playbill over his helmet. Views Read Edit View history. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

However, Lisa soon learns that Bart meant for her to kill Mrs. Retrieved March 23, Treehouse of Horror list. Lisa thinks this means ringing the bell yorror Mrs. Apu goes to push the car off the pile, but the Simpsons drive away thinking Apu sacrificed himself, when he actually wanted the Simpsons to wait for him.

Was this review helpful to you? Homer instead runs off with the bag to eat its contents in privacy at a canyon cliff. When he is again bitten by horror spider a radioactive one this timehe gains the ability to shoot spider webs out of his rear end and have the same abilities as Spider-Man, though he is still unable to move or talk.


The culprit is revealed to be a Moe -like demon with whom Marge made a deal to save her sisters when they summoned the demon as part of a Satanic ritual. Rabbi Hyman Krustofski voice Aron Ralston Soundtracks Pomp and Circumstance: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Marge begs God to reverse everything that horrror happened, but God tells her that Satan is the one who is running the world. Start your free trial.

Treehouse of Horror XXIII

The response for “Dial D for Diddly” was that it started well, but then gradually declined. This show used to be the ‘South Park’ of its day. He also said that the airing of this Treehouse of Horror episode before Halloween, the first time that this had happened in ten years, “[had to] count for something”.

In a Paranormal Activity homage, [1] when strange events occur at the Simpson house, Homer sets up cameras to photograph what is haunting them.

However we did get a lot of joy out of seeing Homer dressed up as Doctor Manhattan and Maggie as smtri wee-little chest burster. The opening segment had many parodies and references to films. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 7, It aired in the United States on Fox on October 22, Moe uses this to his advantage and woos Marge, tricking her into thinking that Smotro came out of the closet as a homosexual and left Marge, when in reality, Homer is slowly dying from losing blood.

All three segments in this year’s special were strong. Archived treehiuse the original on The Simpsons think of another solution: An Irish priest arrives soon after, and performs the exorcism that purges the demon from Maggie, but the demon ends up possessing Bart, which he fearfully regrets, declaring that Bart has the evilest soul he’s ever seen and is “worse than David Schwimmer “.


As part of the deal, the demon would return 30 years later to take Marge’s favorite child as payment which turns out to be Maggie, much to Lisa’s shock.

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They become suspicious with Homer constantly wearing oven mitts to hide his severed fingers, being 20 pounds thinner, and walking with a limp. Jon Lovitz as Artie Ziff.

The Simpsons are established to be one of the few survivors. Bart hatches a “criss-cross” plan and tells Lisa that if she pulls a “ding-dong ditch” on Mrs.

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Robert David Sullivan of The A. Homer manages to convince the demon to relinquish the bargain in return for Homer to reluctantly engage in three-way sex with him and another demon. Hibbert while revealing that he is cheating on his wife. Nelson as a Crunch bar and Kirk as a Turkish Taffy bar get taken, snotri Lisa as an apple complains about no one ever wanting the apples, as people are afraid of razor blades being inside her.

This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat When Flanders discovers that Homer is the one who has been duping him into committing murder by way of a Bible-shaped receiverHomer argues that God does not exist and starts burning Ned’s bible, only to be stopped and strangled to death by God Himself.

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