But the nurse tells her to leave sternly. We all are here to take care of her. Blood starts coming out of her nose and ear eerie…. On Jun 29, Her blood group is O- which is very rare to find. The patient has got internal bleeding. Now Damini will be alright. Meethi again enters the ICU.

Vishnu, Jogi and Mukku get to work. The stars will soon turn in my favour. Jogi is elated and shares the good news with Divya, Meethi and Mukta. The nurse and doc finally move away revealing Akash. He caresses the photo. They share a hug.

Now Damini will be alright. Just then the landline rings.

They episkde notice each other and a eritten plays. It is more important to find a donor right now. Damini repeats a lot many times…he is coming. The staff is also trying their best but you too should try. She has flashback of finding the receiver not kept properly. Divya assures her that nothing will happen to her.


He walks in that corridor just as Meethi and Vishnu step out of vision. The nurse and doc finally move away revealing Akash.

Have you reached city hospital yet? We have found a donor here in the hospital itself.

Meethi bends down to listen but is unable to understand. Mukku gets coffee for Divya and Jogi. They ask for Meethi.

You forgot your brother when it came to your son. The doc in turn surprises him. Do you want her to get infected? Akash takes the clue. He caresses the photo.

Uttaran 16th June Written Update Watch Online | Written Update Full Written Episode

It is I who has lost all the sleep. It happens in very rare cases though. The doc gets upset with her. He shares writhen news with all. Mukku tells them that Vishnu has gone to the ICU to get her.

The doc comes and interrupts their discussion. He makes her see sense. She passes out again.

Uttaran 16th June 2014 Written Update Watch Online

Is this all because of her? Meethi tells her to let her stay for a little longer as she wants to say something. A password will be e-mailed to you. The stars will soon turn in my favour.


I just want to know what she is trying to say. Her face reflects pain, hurt and anger as she puts raises her hand towards the door Akash. Meethi walks in and removes the blood transfusion strips angrily. Sleep peacefully as much as you want. But where are you?

Uttaran 28th May 2014 Written Update Watch Online

Jogi tells doc about finding a donor. On Jun 29, Welcome, Login to your account. She is shocked to see him there.

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