Type approximately old GOST speed scale. Professional general purpose traditional cubic grain panchromatic film, with single layer emulsion and anti-halation layer [3] Discontinued due to low demand. Ilford acquired an equity interest in Valca in , resulting in technical co-operation and Valca acting as Ilford distributors in Spain. Agfa AG Leverkusen , which saw major investment post war in as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bayer was subsequently merged with Gevaert based in Mortsel, Belgium in to form Agfa-Gevaert with Bayer subsequently acquiring full ownership of the merged company. Quickly replaced with VR series for all film types. I would use the time indicated for normal exposure and not develop any more than necessary. Headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The consumer film division, Agfa in Leverkusen, Germany was spun off into a new company AgfaPhoto in as a management buyout, a time of significant challenges to the traditional film market with the rapid rise of digital photography, resulting in bankruptcy in 7 months, and the closure of the Leverkusen plant in

Ortho-panchromatic classic s style emulsion. Vintage expired film photographer General purpose consumer color film using 4th layer technology CA. Grain is very fine, fog is very limited. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Tungsten balanced fine grain color transparency film, for commercial photography for catalogs, room interiors, furniture and architectural subjects. Films for movie making are included in the List of motion picture film stocks. Archived from the original on 5 July

Photo-Analogue: Kodak Verichrome and the naming of photographic emulsions

Here is a photo shot over the summer high verichro,e. Packaging box shows coloured beach huts. I never cared for Plus-X, too dull, too flat, grey base.

I processed a 4th roll using the same parameters as in the paragraph directly above. I did not rate the film when exposing, instead I gave each frame as much exposure as was practical: Launched inproducing a handcrafted film, handcoated on traditional Washi paper. Launched at Photo Marking Association in with improvements in color intensity, accuracy, and edge definition along with enhanced pushability.


Special developer is needed to tame the extreme contrast for use in pictorial photography. Holey crap Rothelle Cooke, great picture. Natura the Japanese market version continued ffilm sale, parallel import elsewhere.

I’m uncertain whether the film is much newer I doubt itor whether the Diafine produces much less background the view I favor. Emulsion changed in and name changed to FujiChrome Professional T. Sunday, 11 May Kodak Verichrome and the naming of photographic emulsions. I edited my original comment about filtration. Production ended early and by mid was sold out.

It seems the backing paper or the printing on it causes problems. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Any help will be much appreciated. Gives earthy grainy colors. Superia discontinued outside Japan, with final stock dated exp. The company was purchased in by the 3M corporation USA to become Ferrania 3M and made photographic film sold under the ‘Scotch’ paj. D was what Kodak recommended for Verichrome.

For correct rendering a pale yellow filter was required in daylight and a pale dilm in half-watt illumination. General purpose budget colour film Re-branded FujiColor C My conclusion is that unprocessed Verichrome is unstable. Designed as a general purpose film for the average consumer who at the time of its release in had nothing more than a box camera the film vrrichrome a wide exposure latitude to overcome the disadvantages a box camera would have.

Traditionally used with medium spefd camera instant backs for studio test shots but high volumes also used for sped and other identity documents. Trading of materials however continued between plants. Professional color film, ‘Natural Color’ for subtle color and natural skin tones in low light or with flash. General purpose consumer, daylight-type color reversal film with faithful color reproduction and fine grain RAII.


Archived copy as title CS1 maint: Professional-quality, medium-speed, tungsten-type color reversal film with natural color reproduction for product photography, interiors and for reproducing illustrations and paintings RTP.

Available in pack. Highly suited for low light photography, this film is appropriate to indoor and nighttime sports as well as nightfall illuminated and sppeed light photography RSPII.

Nicholas Middleton 12 May at Quality 3, the claim to enormous latitude must be taken with a pinch of salt. Initially processing was included, but following anti-trust legislation in s, independent processing using C process became available.

Vintage expired film photographer Discontinued according to retailers. With high contrast paper I may be able to get decent prints. Contrast, Tone, and Grain are all on point.

It was selling in some markets only a few years ago.

Classic Film Review – Kodak Verichrome Pan

All the still camera films on this page have either been discontinued, verichroke been updated or the company making the film no longer exists. Renamed in Pro H with no change to the emulsion.

Perutz was a German film manufacturer. Sheet film was discontinued May Factory in Saint-NazaireFrance. The next roll I processed in straight D, but reduced processing time to 13 minutes. Verichrome is only just discontinued.

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