Tomas, on the other hand, hears his sister say she loves Daniel and would go with him anywhere. He tells Nathan to shower his sister with gifts to win her over. To pay the land’s mortgage Katerina and Daniel decide to sell some of the things inside the mansion and lay off some of their workers. Nathan saves Katerina thinking she is trying to kill herself. The police appear at Tomas’ home but Daniel denies being maltreated in any way. Marco denies any knowledge of this and Genia immediately thinks of Daniel as her secret benefactor. Jane is offended but Marco assures her that he has forgotten his first love. Nathan Tries to Win Emily’s Trust

Meanwhile, Marco tries to look for Emily but his Miguel Unleashes His Wrath Daniel and Tomas face off in court. Be the first one to add a plot. You are most welcome to update, correct or add information to this page. Marco denies any knowledge of this and Genia immediately thinks of Daniel as her secret benefactor. Daniel remained unconscious for weeks but Emily was confident he would pull through. Johanna continues to intimidate Katerina and Jane apologizes for her daughter’s behavior.

Katerina Monitors Nathan’s Medications The lovers separate and Emily lies as she tells Marco that she never loved him and she just used him for his money.

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Katerina is angry Daniel ruined her birthday party but he presents to her the ring as his gift. But Marco is willing to fight for Octoberr. Daniel Defends His Mother’s Honor Emily sends another mystery letter to Marco about Johanna during the opening of their wine bar.

Joanna, Marco’s daughter, takes a fancy to Daniel, flirting with him in the stables.

The hacienda however is still losing money as their crops seem to be inferior to nearby farms. Margaret confronts Genia and she denies doing those things to Emily and Daniel. Katerina and Johanna fight over Daniel’s ring and Marco steps in to stop them. Daniel and Katerina continue to keep their relationship a secret.

Meanwhile, Marco tries to look for Emily but his Daniel Has a Revengeful Plan for Tomas Johanna is an illegitimate daughter Tomas tells Katerina she should marry Nathan to save their hacienda. Herman owes a large amount of money from his co-workers and they think that Herman ran away from them.


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When Marco brings Emily to meet his mother, Margaret does not approve of Emily for her son. Emily leaves Olivares, together with his father Aalang. William learns from the doctor that he has suffered a mild heart attack relpay she warns him that another attack can kill him.

After seeing Katerina’s over made-up face and short dress, Daniel decides to follow the two and punches Jack after he tries to forcibly kiss Katerina.

William changes his mind about making Daniel leave. Margaret thinks Genia is a gold-digger and is out to get revenge on her by getting to Marco. Despite the hard work that lies ahead of them, Daniel and Katerina swear that they would love each other ’til the day they die. The Montenegros finally return and William hosts a dinner for them.

Tomas thinks of ways in making Katerina’s suitor Nathan a cash cow for him and his buddies. Through Margaret’s interference, Emily is sent to jail causing Herman to die of heart attack. Genia is disappointed when she learns Marco turned Daniel away. Daniel learns that Tomas is wasting his father’s money gambling. Jane’s Death Takes a Toll in Everyone Katarina was already anxious to leave as she is to help Daniel with farm duties. He confesses that he loves her, even when they were just writing to each other.

Daniel begins calling Emily ‘Mama’ and the two become closer together. Katerina’s Health Worsens by the Hour Daniel Gets to Be with the Montenegros As Virginia returns to the town of Olivares, she learns that Margaret is taking her family abroad. She tells them not to rush into falling in love as Katerina is still very young. The Montenegros give their condolences to Tomas and Katerina. Marco breaks it off with Jane and follows his heart.


Margaret continues to create war with Genia as she overhears her sister plead Daniel’s case. William catches Tomas stealing money from his vault and angrily tells him to leave. Nathan Tracks Down Katrina and Daniel Daniel Loses the Trust of the Montenegros He tells Nathan to shower his sister with gifts to win her over.

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Fresh from playing out in the rain, Daniel suddenly sees Katerina in a different light. Katerina Chooses Not to Be with Daniel Tomas tricks Katerina into signing a power of attorney that gives him the right to do whatever he wants with their farm.

Genia tries to heal Daniel’s wounds and becomes regretful why William, who is out on a business trip, agrees with Marco that However, she doesn’t find him inside the house or stables.

Daniel insists on going home to the farm and Emily lets him go. Daniel finds an ally in Johanna, who says she believes he is not a thief. Marco learns how the storm devastated Olivares and Katarina says if the Montenegro’s farm becomes operational again, they would be surely helping the families who need work. Nathan continues to strike a deal with Tomas regarding Katerina and the money he will be loaning him.

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Coincidentally Nathan was able to do hangggan out of the 3 and the last sign that would make Katerina say yes is if he proposes to her in the rain, just like hangfan of her special memories with Daniel. In Milan, Marcelo’s son wants to contest his father’s will after Emily refuses to give him half of the land. Marco wants to take Nathan to a doctor once again but Jane says she doesn’t want to lose another child again.

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