Pil Yong tells her that she should understand Hye Sook’s situation. Pil Yong says they need more time to think about it all. Dojin is injured in his fight with Dong Hae and Sulnyeo tries to sabotage Dong Haes chances of staying at the hotel. Recovered Dojin promises to make Dong Hae and Saewa pay for what they have done to him. Dae Sam swears to investigate about this. Bong Yi goes to the hotel kitchen. Hye Suk feels uncomfortable after she realizes Mal Sun met Anna and asked her why her parents died.

Kim tries to get Anna to go back to America. Lee finds out that Bong Yi and Dong Hae have feelings for each other. As if Saewa didn’t already have enough secrets she confirms who James really is and Hyesuk learns who the other man before Dojin was. Its been 2 months but Dong Hae and Anna return on the day of Saewa’s wedding. Episode 13 Episode Sool Nyeo has no appetite because she’s worried about Sae Wa. Dojin is injured in his fight with Dong Hae and Sulnyeo tries to sabotage Dong Haes chances of staying at the hotel.

Tae Hoon wonders why his and Sae Young’s family can’t be happy at the same time.

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He asks the employees not to speak at all about the project. Cast – Smile Donghae. Bong Yi picks up Anna from the hospital but she and Dong Hae don’t know what to think of Anna’s claims that James took her there.


Do Jin was walking nearby. Sae Wa finds out Dong Bak got head injury from typhoon. The Jos arrive at their suite.

Dojin finally gets the name of Saewa’s former boyfriend episose after Yujin confirms it, Dojin confronts Dong Hae about his past with his wife. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.

She says that he doesn’t care about her at all, when Wattch Yong even said that he treats her as his own daughter. Then Tae Hoon leaves. Episode 95 Episode Tae Hoon urges her to eat, saying she shouldn’t worry too much because Sae Wa still has her career.

Hye Suk implores Kim Jun to have a surgery. Mal Sun looks at the two angrily before leaving. He sees the two as he was being chased by Sae Wa.

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She asks Joon what she’s gonna do. Episode 62 Episode Dong Hae and the others arrive at the hotel. Episode 48 Episode Episode 56 Episode Lee finds out dnghae Bong Yi and Dong Hae have feelings for each other.

Episode 44 Episode Mal Sun arrives and tells them that she’s giving her shares to Dong Baek. Episode 90 Episode Sun Nu takes Bong Yi to the restaurant.


Smile Dong Hae

His best friend is a financial expert while Dong Hae would become the heir to a hotel. Kim starts to piece together what’s going on with her husband. Sae Wa says this was all her doing so she pleads to leave Do Jin out of this. Episode epispde Episode Piljae has a talk with Kim Jun about what he has done to Anna and Dong Hae and epiisode him its best to stay away.

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The three chefs trace where she’s looking and they see Bong Yi. Episode 83 Episode Episode 14 Episode Pil Yong remembers Bong Episide from the broadcast. The Lee family must decide what to do about the ultimatum put before them by Mrs.

Pil Yong is under investigation for tax evasion. Episode 12 Donghqe Mal Sun is in for a surprise when she discovers that Dong Hae is Anna’s son.

Dong Hae wins the right to represent the hotel in the cooking competition.

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