Everything he does is itty bitty and precise and somehow it all adds up to something huge, like the TARDIS in reverse. TV Shows I Loved 2. I have something of a problem with this. And I loved, really loved that Will stopped being diplomatic and careful, directly challenged Peter, named the things as they should be named and asked what was his problem? September 14, at 7: He rubs her shoulders to the tune of a tinkling 80s synthesizer.

Higgs makes little circles with his rosy little mouth again. Anna Camp Caitlin D’Arcy. People clearly have to have been talking to each other through that vaunted Chinese Wall. Will slams his hands into a chair, making it shake violently. November 9, at 9: And, for the record, Scott Porter was 17 in On one hand, things around AW are becoming really tough and more and more ugly, on the other hand, no matter how immature and risky is what they do, I love them as a couple. Paul Collins Secret Court Judge.

As he and an associate walk up the steps of the courthouse, Peter notices Will waiting for him. It seems to have awakened a crusading spirit. Did he know who the tribal leader was when he brought him medicine? I represent Alicia Florrick. Or during Ramadan one big meal at night.


Grammar for the win! November 10, at 3: He waits another moment.

The Good Wife recap: ‘Executive Order ‘ |

A man connected to Al Qaeda. I bet she gets that a lot. His eyes are practically glazed over. Alicia, now dressed it black but with a bright blue jacket, questions him. He lied to us. Executige voice is unsure, as she is unsure.

Higgs looks ready to spit furballs.

Today, there are people watching in the gallery, pale ghostly face against the dark backdrop. And as she steps into an elevator, Cary and his partner du jour step out of the other.

Diane flounces a tiny a bit.

‘The Good Wife,’ Season 3, Episode 7, ‘Executive Order 13224’: TV Recap

I do not know where The Good Wife is going this season so I am going to just enjoy the ride. Married at First Sight. Fill executivve your details below or click an icon to log in: Elspeth Tascioni is back!

To the sound of sirens — which seem to perpetually surround the Chicago Treasury building — Higgs eats his lunch on a bench, a persnickety little man alone in the big city.

Florrick is forthcoming and truthful she cannot be charged for any of her actions. God, I hate admitting that Blake is right about anything. Are you against it? You know, you two are stupid. He looked so small beside Peter and about 20 years younger.


I loved just about everything about it well maybe a bit 1224 Kalinda?? There just seemed to be so much happening this week and not one minute was wasted. What would possibly be the point of that? Was there anyone who was close enough? Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Executice course, what he should have done is drop the case does he really think that he can defend trying to force Will to betray his client?

Ogod or CGI, I wonder? A Star Is Born 7. Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more!

The Good Wife Season 3 Episode 7 –

Sanders, I love you. Just let me take a peek, Elsbeth asks. In imitation of a dog.

How can it be divulging a state secret if it never happened? Most people like new business.

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