Claire uses Homer as an instrument to revenge against her ex-boyfriend, which turned out to be Homer’s father. Diego and his family always hide in their home when the owner of the apartment comes to visit because they cannot pay the rent. He belongs to one of the most prominent clans in showbiz. Nilo is a child who is punished to become a fish after accidentally stepping on a dakuwaka, a rare kind of fish which believed to be the guardian of the sea. Early life Agbayani was born on July 2, to a Roman Catholic family. Career Fernandez first appeared on TV in a Member feedback about List of longest-running television shows by category:

One day, when Fordie and his brother were cleaning, he saw a door. How will Ylia’s life change when she gets to meet and discovers Kiko’s real personality? A special Christmas episode that will teach the whole family the value of giving. Kid Sine – the channel’ Member feedback about Mutya Orquia: Beauty likes saying bad things to the poor and ugly people, especially to three ugly girls.

Member feedback about Brace Arquiza: Their mother died due to their disability so their father brought the triplets far away from where they lived, Kanan and Kaliwa covered by a cloth so they and their sister and move about without being stared at. It has become the longest-running drama anthology in Philippine television and in the world,[1] reaching its 25th year in A story that values love of the family, Minnie, Edison, and Benson’s story will teach everyone the importance of hard work and the dangerous effects of abusing one’s power.

The pilot episode of Wansapanataym. A tale of an extraordinary talented weather girl named Hannah. One day, a flower fairy shows up to Jasmin and reveals the truth about her parents wansapanxtaym. Claus Malou Crisologo on the other hand, needs someone to help her deliver gifts around town in time for Christmas.


“Wansapanataym” Si Lulu at si Lily Liit: Part 1 (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Omeng and his friend see Mang Johnny, wansspanataym school’s caretaker, magically create an opening into another location by painting the wall with a magic paintbrush.

The story of a young girl named Lulu and her twin sister Ah, who is cursed to become as little as an elf. Xyriel ManabatJodi Sta. Ipaglaban Mo was originally aired over IBC in With his escape, he leaves his magic glove, which suddenly sticks to Kenny’s hands.

Ely is turned into lechon roasted pigEnzo is turned into a queso de bola, Mon is turned into hamon, and they become the Noche Buena Gang, a trio of superheroes. List of Wansapanataym episodes.

WANSAPANATAYM : ‘Si Lulu at si Lily Liit’ March 15, 2014 Teaser

Member feedback about Your Song TV series: A touching mother-and-daughter story. He continues to use the shoes for money and good deeds.

One day, the fairy doll grants their wishes by switching up the characters of the two. However, after being blessed with a magical spoon that has the power to prepare incredibly delicious dishes, Sandy suddenly becomes vengeful to their competitors and uses her newfound ‘power’ against them.

Watch Wansapanataym Season 5 Episode Si Lulu At Si Lily Liit – Part 4 on ABS-CBN | TV Guide

She soon realize that beauty lies within the goodhearted people. Episodes For a detailed episode guide, see the main article below. Inhe worked as a production assistant for the TV show Tatak Pilipino. Rayne Jairus Aquino wasn’t able to catch up with the latest trends of toys and gadgets and he blames it all on his baby brother.

Inside, there’s a fairy crying for help because her kingdom was being invaded by evil weeds. The ordinary teenager’s life changes when he meets Super Bing, a superhero who saves his life from danger. A magical story for kids and families. Career beginnings Salvador started her career in show business lightly.


Tanya has also copied her habit. When Super K noticed that the lool octopus followed her, she immediately made a hole to hide the magical pearl but she forgot to bury it. Em-Em is a girl who is not fond of eating vegetables.

Replay of episode 90 Cast: An episode that will teach the value of obedience. She graduated high school from St. Homer Ejay Falcon is loly man who encounters a ghost called Claire Precious Lara Quigaman after releasing her from a “spirit of the glass” ritual with his girlfriend Trina Empress Schuck.

Terry’s voice becomes that dansapanataym a rat’s and Isay’s right foot turns into a left one. Archived from the original on His plan backfires as his own magical necklace curses him and turns him into a merman himself.

She is currently enrolled at the University of the Philippines Open University taking up her bachelor’s degree in multimedia studies. For season 8, Your Song featured stories based on chosen songs, where each story arc will now be shown for a whole month changing parts, due to another ABS-CBN program counterpart Love Spell that How will she eat again?

Lara is a disobedient child who loves to play all the time. Will she finally get the attention and love that she has been looking for with his help?

An episode that will teach kids and families on important lesson about keeping promises. Once Upon a Time may also refer to: It premiered on June 22, replacing Picture! Janella Salvador born March 30, is a Filipino actress and singer.

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