When Hollywood did finally get around to addressing the plight of the Indians in Cheyenne Autumn , they hired John Ford to direct, a man who did more to defame the reputation of the Indians than any other filmmaker. Also, like May, he was enamored of the concept of the noble savage, and always included both good and evil Indians and white people in his books. Show all 55 episodes. As far as Raynes is concerned those slaves are property, and this amounts to theft in his book. The film tries to spin this with an end credit discussing the number of losses by American troops in that war. On the screen he was a brave, handsome, noble, and taciturn.

As one might imagine, the Indians were not amused. As a footnote to this story, the town of Santa Rita was repaid for the events of with poetic retribution. As it would be with several of the DEFA Indian films, the story is based on actual events that occurred in While the West German Karl May adaptations featured an equally noble “white blood brother” at the side of Pierre Brice as the Apache chief Winnetou, the DEFA productions concentrated to a much greater extent on the Indian protagonists — and what they saw as the “historical truth” and “the Indians’ great personal developments”. Eventually the escaping Indians were allowed to stay on their home turf—as close to a happy ending as the Indians could hope for during this era. He was part of the generation that was still in its teenage years when the war ended. The didactic aims of historical materialism came across strongly here; the emphasis on the daily life of America’s native inhabitants resulted in films which were not westerns so much as “historical adventure films in an Indian milieu”.

From him I have to Indians is very great respect. Six weeks after that show, he committed suicide. In those, he is presented as a nearly super-human force, capable of feats that strain credulity. Considering how careful the filmmakers were in most other aspects, the choice of the name Ulzana is a mystery.


But, just as in the West German productions, stereotypes flourished, drawing a clear-cut picture of good vs. Petzold is one of the many directors who found himself cast adrift after the Wall came down.

Born inPetzold was still a kid when the Nazis took over.

Welcome to miyic Imaginary Wild West For several years I’ve been exploring the imaginary wild west in contemporary Europe — observing and experiencing the many ways that Europeans embrace the mythology of the American Frontier to enhance, imbue or create their own identities. For this film, Kolditz worked with Hans-Dieter Hosalla.

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After the war, he first studied to be a mechanic. At the start of the film, we see Chingachgook preparing to marry Wah-ta-Wah, the pretty daughter of a Delaware chief when suddenly she is kidnapped by Hurons.

It is true mutic the Indians were kicked out mific the lands that had been previously allotted to them because white settlers found gold there, and it is true that buffallo were killed by the millions for the specific intent of robbing the Indians of their primary source of food. Why this was so, given the fact that he was an American author, is hard to answer. In the s in Cavalry under a flag of truce. As a child, was my idol, proudly wore badges with pictures of Gojko Mitic, at the time he was the yarky star on the screen, his films of Astana as the formula of life for mankind, where a patriotism.

I was reborn again and again! While there is no record of how well Kolditz got along with Hosalla, or what he thought of his music, it is probably significant that for the sequel to Apacheshe went back to his favorite composer, Karl-Ernst Sasse. If this means an occasional murder, then so be it. At first, he went to Rome, where he began acting in spaghetti westerns, most notably, Adios Sabatawhere he played second bill to Yul Brynner.


As a footnote to this story, the town of Santa Rita was repaid for the events of with poetic retribution.

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Add it to your IMDbPage. It is one of his most engaging performances and shows an actor who has grown comfortable with his persona. Do you have a demo reel? White Wolves was his fourth East German Indianerfilm. French “virtual wild west” blog.

The only major fault I can find are the pathetic excuses for saguaro cacti. In Blood Brothershe puts on a more human face. Raynes decides to take mituc against the Seminoles, at first on his own, then later with a little help from the U. While it is tempting to make a full-on comparison between Blood Brothers and Dances with Wolvesthere are some important differences.

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Buy this film German only, fllm subtitles. Then there were the theatrical role of Spartacus, Robin Hood, D’Artagnan, the work in the television series “Archives of death”, telepostanovke “Servant of Two Masters”.

As one might imagine, the resulting film was a limp effort, redeemed mainly by William H. This site uses cookies.

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