Bland—Altman plot – Wikipedia en. Polymers, aluminum, coating, vanishes. Let us recall that Eqns. This is unfortunately not the case. Click Copy to Clipboard. If the contact angle was not automatically calculated or the automatic baseline looks inaccurate, click the box next to Use Auto Baseline so it is not checked and manually adjust the baseline using the position and tilt arrows.

If the baseline red line appears to lie along the line of intersection between the drop and its reflection and the red tangent lines appear to be tangent to the drop, click Test Auto Baseline to be certain it is accurate. Do not turn the top too far — it will make the glass crack! Move the teflon so that the syringe is over an un-wetted part of the surface. As the drop wets the surface, the contact angle approaches zero. The London dispersion forces arise from the interaction of fluctuating electronic dipoles with the induced dipoles in neighboring atoms or molecules. Indicate how you expect the contact angle to vary on these SAMs.

It is not certain to what extent this will happen and that there will not remain a thin film of the non-polar liquid between the solid and water, thus preventing direct contact.

File; File history; File usage; Global file usage In the literature, various different approaches were mentioned which makes it possible to evaluate the solid surface tension using measured contact angles by liquids with known or pre-characterised surface energy parameters.

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Click Next and repeat the process for a total of six measurements per liquid. Adjust lighting by turning the knob on the camera lens farthest from the sample stage and focus using the silver knob at the base of the camera. In the following table, all methods used together with their characteristics and requirements are listed.

Make sure 3 sets of numbers appear in the excel file. It is identical to a Tukey mean-difference plot What is hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity? This can be alternatively expressed as. This approach came into existence when the thermodynamic nature of interface was re-examined by van Oss [83] in the light of Lifshitz theory of forces. Most of these forces, such as metallic bonding and hydrogen bonding, are a function of specific chemical nature.


If critical surface tension is considered to give an zzisman of the surface tension of the solid then by using this method: Adjust the baseline until the tangent lines look accurate. Dry with clean pplot swab.

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Luxist Web Search Luxist Search query. A Bland—Altman plot Difference plot in analytical chemistry or biomedicine is a method of data plotting used in analyzing the agreement between two different assays. The ZIsman Plot proved to be a breakthrough which allowed for a very efficient way to measure wettability of a solid which helped to spawn the work of Dann in the late s. There also are different variations of the Zisman plot since the Y-axis is unitless as seen in Table 1 and as mentioned above.

Cobweb plot – Wikipedia en. Bland—Altman plot – Wikipedia en.

Also, the measurement or calculation errors made during the determination of the remaining coefficients at the unknowns as well as the experimental errors relating to the values of the coefficients that appear on the right-hand side of the transformed equations represented by Eq.

Lyklema [77] put forward two reservations -whether it is thermodynamically zismn to split the interfacial tensions in components and secondly, if geometric mean is the most appropriate mathematical form to combine them?

Calculation of surface free energy (SFE) from contact angle results_USA KINO Industry Co., Ltd.

It is also possible to apply the two-liquid-phase method to low-energy solid as described by author [87]. Specific questions of surface properties. What is the contact angle a measurement of and where can it be found? To find the best fit line a least squares regression is recommended by using a computer program such as Microsoft ExcelMinitabMatlabor it can also be done using a modern graphing calculator such as a TI The measured tension of the zusman is always the sum of the tensions in the two interfacial monolayers.

Find the exxcel linear fit and extrapolate this line to find the surface tension value that gives a cosine value of 1. Neumann and co-workers have discussed the surface tension of solids from a purely thermodynamic point of view.


Taking analogy from Eq. Clearly this applies to pairs such as non-hydrogen bonding in organic compound vs. To create a Zisman Plot from a series of contact angle measurements to determine the surface tension of polytetrafluoroethylene teflon.

Contact Angle Experiment

You may need to adjust the camera angle to do this knob at the back of the camera. If four coefficients in the two equations are changed, each by 0. As most liquids are spread on a high energy surface, the contact angle cannot be measured.

It is a good idea to plot the data using several different bin widths to learn more about it. Calculations based on these measurements produce plt parameter critical surface tension, surface tension, surface free energy etc. Adjust the height of the syringe so that the tip can be seen at the top of the screen. Kwok and Neumann [53] correctly remind us that that contact angle measurements can be difficult.

Minitab, Matlabor it can also be done using a modern graphing calculator such as a TI The calculations are carried out using Eq.

Zisman Plot

How can zisnan Zisman plot be used to estimate this value? Self-assembled monolayers SAMs play an increasingly important role in research studies of interfacial phenomena.

For arbitrary solid-liquid pairs such a plot may show considerable scatter because the measured contact angles deviate significantly from the true Young’s contact angle. One nonpolar and two bipolar liquids should constitute the set of the three measuring liquids. Nearly at the same time, Kaelble [80] exce, published a very similar equation in terms of dispersion and polar force.

Why are contact angle measurements useful in determining quality of SAMs? Li and Neumann [63] have considered a modified Berthelot equation such that. At the plkt, the adjacent layers of dissimilar molecules are in a different force field than the bulk phase and consequently, the molecules or atoms in these layers have a different pressure, intermolecular spacing and chemical potential.

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